News / PRESS RELEASES for Fan Noise, Aerodynamics, Applications and Systems Conference 2018

ADT will unveil the latest version of TURBOdesign Suite at this year's Fan Noise, Aerodynamics, Applications and Systems Conference 2018

Advanced Design Technology (ADT), a global market leader in advanced design software for turbomachinery components is delighted to announce that they will sponsor and exhibit at the International Conference on Fan Noise, Aerodynamics, Applications and Systems on 18-120th April 2018 at Darmstadium, in Darmstadt, Germany. This year ADT will be demonstrating the latest release of TURBOdesign Suite version 6..4.

The  international technical forum for the Fan Industry; fan and system designers, manufacturers and operators, provides the opportunity to network with companies and academic institutions from across the globe. FAN 2018 includes 3 days of technical presentations, keynotes, an exhibition, social networking events and panel sessions.

The design of fans has evolved to meet the ever increasing demands for higher efficiency machines, combined with the requirements for lower noise and high availability. Variable speed is now more common, leading to some additional design problems and many existing users are revisiting their industrial plant to look at ways to optimize their fan performance.  

This event aims to  improve our understanding of fans and their system interaction. ADT will support this by presenting a paper by Mehrdad Zangeneh, Professor of Thermofluids at University College London (UCL) and founder and Managing Director of ADT, entitled: “3D Inverse Design Based Optimization of Multi-Blade Row Axial Fans Used for Distributed Propulsion” in Session 3.1: Fan Aerodynamics on Wednesday 18th of April at *insert time*.

The focus of the paper is on the development and application of a new 3D viscous inverse design methodology for the design of multi-blade row fans. The unique feature of the method is the combination of a 3D viscous inverse design with a robust mixing plane approach that satisfies flux conservation and non-reflectivity, but retains the flow variation. The paper concludes by illustrating the benefits of the novel methodology applied to the design of a rotor-stator axial fan stage.

ADT's specialists will be on hand to demonstrate how  the advanced tools within TURBOdesign Suite enable engineers to produce high-quality designs, optimise the performance of components and reduce development times.

Please contact us to arrange a demonstration of our unique 3D design and analysis codes during the exhibition, or come visit us on stand 8.

More information about the event can be found here: http://www.fan2018.org



About Advanced Design Technology, Ltd

Advanced Design Technology is a global leader in advanced turbomachinery design software. ADT’s unique TURBOdesign technology delivers rapid design and performance optimization, leading to innovative “breakthrough” solutions whilst reducing development times. We also provide design and R&D consultancy services, leveraging our in-house industrial expertise to our global clients. ADT’s clients, who represent some of the leading global players in the aerospace, automotive, power generation and marine fields, have achieved significant returns on investment in terms of shortened design cycles,  and higher performances, boosting their competitive position.

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About TURBOdesign Technology, Inc.

Founded in 2011, TURBOdesign Technology, Inc. (TDT) is the U.S. affiliate of Advanced Design Technology (ADT), selling the TURBOdesign Suite of 3D inverse design and analysis software while providing turbomachinery engineering support services. TURBOdesign Technology headquartered in Chicago, Ilinois. For more information, call +1 630 613 7604 or go to www.turbodesign-tech.com. TURBOdesign suite includes advanced optimisation tools, as well as tools that provide seamless integration into most common CAE environments.

About TURBOdesign Suite

TURBOdesign Suite is the only commercial three-dimensional inverse design toolset applicable to a wide range of turbomachinery applications such as pumps, fans, compressors, turbines and torque converters and supporting axial, mixed-flow and centrifugal configurations.