Our Unique 3D Inverse Design Technology Enables Multi-Disciplinary Design and Optimization in Industrial Timescales

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In contrast to the โ€œdirectโ€ design approach, TURBOdesign Suite uses inputs like spanwise work distribution, blade loading on the whole meridional plane and stacking condition to directly influence 3D flow phenomena.




Solve Difficult Flow Problems

ADT's unique method starts by identifying what you want to do to the fluid flow in terms of the 3D pressure field and derives the optimal geometry to achieve that outcome. This significantly reduces the time taken for each design.

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Create Innovative Designs

Designers using traditional methods tend to stay in their comfort zone and limit the design space. Our 3D Inverse Design method allows users to explore innovative solutions and solve difficult problems as they aren't constrained by conventional designs.

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Meet Duty Points at the First Design Iteration

Specify the pressure loading and create geometries that always satisfy the required duty points in terms of flow rate and specific work. There's no need for numerous trial and error iterations.


Share Know How Between Teams and Projects

Optimum choice of design inputs for a particular flow phenomena such as cavitation, shock control, secondary flow has generality from one application to another. This means that non-experts can use the tools effectively with minimal guidance and still achieve designs with best in class efficiency.

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A Unique Platform for Complex Turbomachinery Design Optimization

Many difficult turbomachinery problems are multi-point/multi-objective and multi-disciplinary. By parametrizing blade loading you can cover a large design space with few parameters. Typically 4-5 parameters can be used to represent 3D Blade shape.

ADT Partners

Our Partners

ADT partners with leading providers of turbomachinery related products to enhance and complement our unique TURBOdesign Suite software. Collaboration with our partners ensures our customers benefit from leading solutions within a fully integrated environment, reducing time to market and product development costs.

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