Optimizing Volute and Scroll Geometries

Unique 2D inverse design method for volutes and scrolls that outputs solid IGES files in minutes ready for CFD computations.

TURBOdesign Volute

Design Your Volute to Automatically Match Your Impeller Outlet Flow

TURBOdesign Volute automatically computes the the correct volute circumferential area distribution matching your impeller flow field.

2D Inverse Design Method

Design All Types of Volutes

Design symmetric, asymmetric, overhung volutes with tangential or radial exit for compressors, pumps, turbines and fans.

Optimization of Volute Designs

Optimization of Volutes Design

Enables designing volutes with circumferential variation of inlet velocity and flow angles resulting in unconventional area variations.

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Any Cross Section Shapes Can Be Designed

The TURBOdesign Volute tool allows the choice of various standard cross-section shapes and arbitrary cross-sections by using B-spline.

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