TURBOdesign Optima

Multi-Point, Multi-Disciplinary and Multi-Objective Turbomachinery Design Optimization

Design of Experiments, Kriging  and Response Surface Modelling based multi-point / multi-objective and multi-disciplinary turbomachinery design optimization.


Why Multi-Disciplinary Optimization?

TURBOdesign Optima supports state-of-the-art multi-point, multi-disciplinary and multi-objective optimization routines and direct coupling with most common CAE environments from ANSYS and SIEMENS.



Ideal method for multi-point / multi-objective design

This approach employs the key features of 3D inverse design to provide designers with a computationally effective way to explore the design space and identify solutions for complex turbomachinery design optimization challenges.


Example of Problems

Pumps:Good stall performance, Good stage efficency, Required minimum shut off head, Required maximum power (motor size), Good caviation performance at High flow rate.

Compressors: Good effciency, Improved stable operating range, Stress requirements, Vibration requiements.


Key advantages

This approach works best for lower number of design parameters. Using inverse design based parametrization one can typically cover a large part of the design space with as low as 5 design parameters.

● When an accurate Response surface is obtained then MOGA can be run on the Response Surface as a simple polynomial evaluation allowing Pareto Front being generated for different design objectives subject to various constraints.


Obtain an accurate Response Surface

The key to this approach is obtaining an accurate Response Surface. The blade loading being an aerodynamic / hydrodynamic (input) parameter it has a closer relationship with the aerodynamic / hydrodynamic performance than a geometrical input parameter; this greatly enhances accuracy of the response surface to levels generally higher than R2 of 95%.

Application Examples


TURBOdesign Optima – Turbomachinery Design Optimization has been employed for a wide number of turbomachinery design optimization cases to improve performances in pumps, fans, compressors, turbines. Some recent applications examples are reported below.


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