Use 3D Blade Design Technology to Create Breakthrough Turbomachinery Designs

Section 1 - Inverse v Conventional-1

In contrast to the โ€œdirectโ€ design approach, TURBOdesign Suite uses inputs like spanwise work distribution, blade loading on the whole meridional plane and stacking condition to directly influence 3D flow phenomena.

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Rapidly Generate Optimum Designs with Direct Control of the 3D Pressure Field

TURBOdesign1 only takes a few seconds to run but can predict blade static pressure distribution with same accuracy as CFD as its fully 3D inviscid approach.

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Meet Duty Points at the First Attempt

With TURBOdesign Suite you can specify the pressure loading and create geometries that always satisfy the required duty points in terms of flow rate and specific work. No need for lots of trial and error iteration with CFD just to meet the duty point.


Share Know How Between Projects

Optimum choice of design inputs for a particular flow phenomena such as cavitation, shock control, secondary flow has generality from one application to another. This means that non-experts can use the tools effectively with minimal guidance and still achieve designs with best in class efficiency.

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Exploit the Benefits of Point Milling and Additive Manufacturing

Rapidly develop high efficiency designs whether for conventional manufacturing methods or additive manufacturing.


Trade Off Between Manufacturing Cost and Efficiency

TURBOdesign Suite enables designs that are trade off between performance and manufacturing costs.


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