Fan and Blowers Design and Optimization



The inverse design method can be applied to improve efficiency and noise in all types of fans and blowers at single to multiple operating points.

Our TURBOdesign Suite software applies the 3D Inverse Design method to the design of fans and blowers. With inverse design you can optimize performance, increase efficiency and reduce development time by putting designers in direct control of the aerodynamic design process.

Breakthrough Designs


An inverse approach can be used to design high efficiency fans and blowers.

A comparison between CFD results of TURBOdesign1 versus conventional design

In many axial fan applications the performance is affected by large tip leakage flows. The 3D inverse design method allows for direct control of blade loading which drives tip leakage flow. In this design the tip leakage loss values predicted by inverse design method was used to arrive at the optimized geometry that reduced leakage losses and improved efficiency for a truck cooling fan.

Fan Applications


A brief summary introduction to the different fan applications you can use TDS for.

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