TURBOdesign Optima

Enables 3D Multi-Point/Multi-Objective Optimization
by Coupling Inverse Design, CFD and Different
Optimization Schemes


TURBOdesign Optima is a fully integrated automatic optimization platform for the design of turbomachinery blades subject to multi-point and multi-objective design objectives.

Why TURBOdesign Optima?

The wide range of applications of TURBOdesign1 across all types of turbomachinery components allows TURBOdesign Optima to address turbomachinery design optimization of all types of axial, mixed-flow, radial components, including inducers, impellers with or without splitter blades and diffusers.


3D Multi-Point & Multi-Objective Optimization Tool

A Powerful Optimization Platform

A Powerful Optimization Platform

TURBOdesign Optima is a flexible and powerful optimization platform for all types of turbomachinery, using the power of 3D inverse blade design from TURBOdesign to provide engineers with optimum results.

Using 3D Inverse Design rather than conventional direct geometry parameterisation for optimization has many benefits which turn automatic optimization from something to be used on only the most difficult or non-time critical cases to a part of the daily design process.

Capabilities of TURBOdesign Optima

Capabilities of TURBOdesign Optima

TURBOdesign Optima is fully integrated with the TURBOdesign Suite tools and it provides a drastic reduction in design time required compared to conventional codes. Time taken for design scales from:

● A few seconds for a TURBOdesign1 iteration.

● 20 minutes  for a single-point, multi-objective optimization using TURBOdesign Optima's direct optimization capability.

● 2-3 days for a multi-point, multi-objective optimization using TURBOdesign Optima's response surface optimization capability coupled with an external CFD/FEA analysis code.

 Benefits of Inverse Design-Based Optimization

Benefits of Inverse Design-Based Optimization

Application of 3D inverse design instead of direct design approach provides a number of significant advantages for turbomachinery design optimization. Overall TURBOdesign Optima by using the inverse design based blade parametrization makes 3D optimization of turbomachinery blades a practical reality that can be used by all turbomachinery designers who need not be optimization experts.

Reduced Computational Cost while Exploring a Large Design Space

Reduced Computational Cost while Exploring a Large Design Space

Unique Blade Geometry Parameterization: with inverse design only 4-5 parameters are required to define the full 3D blade via the blade loading distribution compared to 15-20 parameters for direct design.

Always Satisfy Duty Point Requirements: with the inverse method the specific work is an input, so every design automatically satisfies the duty point requirements.

High Performance Design: Inverse Design automatically provides a smooth flow distribution which results in consistently high performance designs.

Increased Accuracy & Applicability of Optimization Results

Increased Accuracy & Applicability of Optimization Results

Accurate Surface Response Models: Using the Blade Loading as a design input parameter creates a more accurate Response Surface Model (RSM) generally in the order of 99%+ 

Optimization as Know-How Generator: Optimal Blade Loading for one specific design is generally scalable across the machine series, making it easier to use and re-use the results of Automatic Optimization


TURBOdesign Optima Workflows

TURBOdesign Optima provides a clean and user friendly interface for designers to approach challenging multi-point, multi-objective and multi-disciplinary turbomachinery design optimization targets. The code allows direct coupling of ADT’s TURBOdesign1 and TURBOdesign CFD with either in-house or commercial CFD, FEA and optimization tools with a number of workflows.

“By using TURBOdesign1 and its TURBOdesign Optima module, the company Carver Pump saved time.
Where our original design method took approximately two months of engineering time, we cut the RS multistage ring section pump product development time to four or five weeks. The use of TURBOdesign1 eliminated two weeks of design time, and TURBOdesign Optima cut out an additional one to two weeks.”
Mark Post - Chief Operating Officer 


TURBOdesign Optima Applications

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