TURBOdesign Compressors & Turbines

Discover how you can optimize performance, improve reliability and reduce cost of  compressors & turbines.

TURBOdesign Compressors & Turbines combines all major design elements to model all types of compressors and turbines. The Suite includes modules covering the 1D sizing and meanline modelling, 3D blade design via 3D Inverse Design method and Volute / Casing design.


Meanline Design

Using our meanline design software you can optimize the basic dimensions of impellers, vaned and vaneless diffusers and volute using just a few parameters; flow-rate, rpm and pressure rise/head.


3D Blade Design

Rapidly develop high efficiency designs whether for conventional manufacturing methods or additive manufacturing. TURBOdesign Suite enables designs that are trade off between performance and manufacturing costs.


Real Gas

Use Real Gas Applications with direct coupling to NIST REFPROP to create designs with new, low GWP refrigerants and with direct coupling to NIST REFPROP to create designs with new, low GWP refrigerants.



Splitter Blades

TURBOdesign's unique blade parametrisation provides independent splitter blade design capabilities allowing better shocks and work ratio control. 


Volute Designs

Design and optimize complex stationary components such as elbow inlet pipes, single and double volutes with splitters using a toolset of geometry modellers based on fluid dynamic data.


The Inverse Design method can be applied to compressor and turbine design. Our software enables systematic design and optimization of high efficiency compressors and turbines.


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