TURBOdesign Suite Training Courses

The TURBOdesign Suite interface is designed to be simple and easy to use. For best practice and to create high performing, breakthrough designs, we still recommend training for new designers.

Basic Design Training

This module is a basic introduction to the code and specific to your application. It covers all the input parameters for TURBOdesign Suite and some appropriate choices for design inputs.

You'll find out all the steps in post-processing the output and how to use the results obtained to fine tune the design.


Advanced Design Training

The advanced training module covers all the material covered in Basic Design Training. But it takes the design problems a step further by covering coupling of TURBOdesign Suite with CFD/FEA and automatic optimisers for multi-point, multi-objective and multi-disciplinary optimization.

Learn how off-design performance requirements as well as geometrical and manufacturing constraints can be made by making adjustments to the input loading distribution and stacking conditions.


Bespoke Closed Courses - Technology Transfer, Advanced Modelling and Additional Modules

ADT can run training courses in a specific area of technology. This can major in the use of the software, the basic principles behind the technology or the advanced theory. In some cases, ADT have run courses that have not mentioned or demonstrated any software - technology was the focus.


All the above training modules are available onsite, at ADT offices or by web-meetings. Please contact us for further information.



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