Software Customization

ADT software engineers have worked with many companies to develop customised solutions in order to streamline the complete integration of TURBOdesign Suite into existing CAE systems.




The integration of TURBOdesign Suite as part of existing CAE environments has been shown to be an effective means of improving the productivity of designers in various turbomachinery companies from pumps to torque converters to aero-engine.

Although these codes already have all the necessary interfaces to allow rapid integration in existing CAE systems, in some cases further productivity improvement can be achieved by streamlining all the aspects of data exchange between different modules of the CAE systems.


Bespoke Software

Bespoke software is a form of customized development as specified by the customer. This could capture a certain workflow that combines different modules of TURBOdesign Suite together with other CAE codes for CFD or FEA analysis. This would generally enable the use of more complex workflows involving multi-point optimization by design or construction groups in larger companies, or customized GUI that a company wants to use across its different divisions in different continents. These complex workflows are normally confined to PhD level analysts in R&D teams because they require understanding of how to connect different complex CAE modules and involve quite complex requirements to use CAE modules correctly, for example mesh size and topology for CFD and boundary conditions, etc.

ADT's Object-Oriented development platform can ensure rapid custom development that meets customer GUI requirements and can put together templates that make these complex workflows automated for use by the design/construction group.



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