TURBOdesign Pumps & Fans

A Suite of tools for the systematic design of high performance pumps, hydraulic turbines and fans.

TURBOdesign Pumps & Fans combines all major design elements to model all types of pumps and fans in incompressible flows. The Suite includes modules covering the 1D sizing and meanline modelling, 3D blade design via 3D Inverse Design method and Volute / Casing design.


Meanline Design

Using our meanline design software you can optimize the basic dimensions of impellers, vaned and vaneless diffusers and volute using just a few parameters; flow-rate, rpm and pressure rise/head.

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3D Blade Design

In contrast to the โ€œdirectโ€ design approach, TURBOdesign Suite uses inputs like spanwise work distribution, blade loading on the whole meridional plane and stacking condition to directly influence 3D flow phenomena.



We propose a unique 2D inverse design method for volutes and scrolls that outputs solid IGES files in minutes ready for CFD computations. It automatically computes the correct volute circumferential area distribution matching your impeller flow field.


Automatic Optimization

Multi-disciplinary optimization gives you a choice of various optimization methods, such as genetic algorithm, Design of Experiments, surrogate models by Kriging or response surface and sensitivity analysis.

By parametrizing blade loading you can cover a large design space with few parameters.



TURBOdesign is a unique Suite of tools for systematic design and optimization of high efficiency pumps delivering 3x to 5x higher productivity per design engineer while achieving efficiency improvements across the pump characteristic.


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