Optimize Basic Dimensions of Turbomachinery Components with Meanline Design


Using our meanline design software you can optimize the basic dimensions of impellers, vaned and vaneless diffusers and volute using just a few parameters; flow-rate, rpm and pressure rise/head.



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Rapidly Obtain the Flow Path

With basic design parameters such as flow rate, rpm and head.


Explore the Predicted Off-Design Performance in Seconds

With a high level of accuracy. There's no need to run point-by-point computations.

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Model Designs with New Refrigerants

Use Real Gas Applications with direct coupling to NIST REFPROP to create designs with new, low GWP refrigerants.


Quickly Explore the Design Space for Stages with Multiple Blade Rows

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Rapidly Perform Multi-Point Design Optimization Covering Multiple Operating Points

Use meanline solver coupled with automatic optimization to evaluate performances across all required operating points.

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Cycle Code for Chillers

Coupled with compressor code to create single stage or 2 stage chillers, back-to-back or inline configuration.

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