News / Press Releases for VINAS UGM 2017

 Ebm-papst to showcase how TURBOdesign Suite has enabled them to generate optimised cooling fan blade designs at this year’s VINAS conference 2017 in Tokyo

Ebm-papst is the world's leading manufacturer of electric motors and fans. The company employs around 13,000 employees at 25 production facilities (including those in Germany, China, and the USA) and 49 sales offices worldwide. They will take the stage and present at this year’s VINAS conference on 12th and 13th October 2017 at the Tokyo Conference Center, in Shinagawa.

Mr Tobias Sieger, Aerodynamic Design Engineer at Ebm-papst St.Georgen will deliver a presentation on “Incompressible fan blade design using ADT’s TURBOdesign1 inverse code in combination with automatic optimisation software”. The presentation will address the unique benefits of Advanced Design Technology’s TURBOdesign software, which streamlines the design optimization process and delivers innovative high-performance solutions.

The conference is hosted by VINAS, Advanced Design Technology’s Distributor in Japan, with global guest speakers and attendees enjoying a technical exchange on best practices and innovative ideas. The event includes presentations from leading turbomachinery manufacturers. The 2-days event will cover presentations on high-speed calculation, optimum design, large-scale visualization and workflow automation.

Professor Mehrdad Zangeneh, Managing Director of ADT and Professor of Thermofluids at University College, London, will also host a workshop to present the new features and functionalities in TURBOdesign Suite 6.3. Professor Zangeneh said “ We are delighted to have Ebm-papst present their work on the application of TURBOdesign Suite to fan blade design at the VINAS UGM. The new TURBOdesign suite 6.3 provides major new functionalities that allow turbomachinery manufacturers to strive for greater competitivity through higher-performance and innovation.”

To find out more information and to register for the conference please visit http://www.vinas.com/ugm2017/index.html

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