News / Ebm-papst couples TURBOdesign-1 with Automatic Optimization to Achieve Low Cost Production

ebm-papst is a world leading fan supplier for a number of markets such as Heating and Air-Conditioning, Ventilation, Refrigeration, Automotive, IT/Telecom and Drive Technology, producing over 55 million fans and motors every year.

Ebm-papst have been using TURBOdesign-1 for a number of years after extensive benchmarking of different design methods available worldwide identified TURBOdesign-1 as the most suitable tool for developing new axial and radial fans, delivering improvement in performance and reduction in development times of new designs.

In a recent study, ebm-papst considered the goal of reducing the manufacturing cost while maintaining high performance for a centrifugal fan. Starting with a very high performance, fully 3D blade designed with TURBOdesign-1, the script version of the code was coupled with an automatic optimizer in order to achieve a flat 2D blade. The resulting geometry was a 2D blade with similar performance to the original 3D blade but with far cheaper manufacturing costs and easier production.

Ms. Bohl, Engineer R&D Aerodynamics, at ebm-papst said of TURBOdesign-1 “The design process with TURBOdesign-1 is very fast, thousands of designs can be carried out overnight, allowing even optimizations with more than 20 input variables.”

Ms. Bohl concluded that “manufacturing constraints are only one of numerous possible design targets that can be accomplished by coupling TURBOdesign-1 with an automatic optimizer, since this method can be used almost universally.”

To read the full case study and to discover how TURBOdesign Suite can help you achieve your design objectives, please follow: Coupling TURBOdesign1 with automatic optimization at ebm-papst to design efficient and low cost centrifugal fans


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