News / Development News on TURBOdesign-2

TURBOdesign-2 is a 3D viscous transonic inverse design code which was developed as part of a consortium sponsored by Rolls Royce, Fiat Avio, Kawasaki Heavy Industry, Toshiba, Toyota and Ebara Corporation. The code accounts for viscous effects and can capture shock waves. The code was developed in particular for applications such as transonic fans in which most of the pressure rise (at least near the tip) comes from the shockwave and shock capturing is essential.

Two different approaches have been developed for 3D inverse design. In the first method the blade is designed for a specified distribution of meridional derivative of mass averaged angular momentum (or rV?) together with the blade thickness. While in the second approach the blades are designed for a specified distribution of static pressure loading and blade thickness.

As part of the consortium project Method 1 was implemented and released for beta testing by consortium members in March 2003. Work is currently underway in the development and testing of Method 2. TURBOdesign-2 will be commercially release once the implementation and testing of Method 2 is completed. This commercial release is expected in Q2 2005. - See more at: http://www.adtechnology.co.uk/news/development-news-on-turbodesign-2#sth...