News / Application of TURBOdesign-1 in Ebara Corporation

Manufacturing System of Hydraulic Parts using TURBOdesign-1 within the Ebara Corporation.

For many years, Ebara's Fluid Machinery & Systems Company has provided pumps, fans, compressors, chillers and other machinery and related equipment which serve as the infrastructure of daily life and industry. 

To create products that are competitive and environment-friendly, the Company continues to seek improvements in economic efficiency and reliability, and is developing progressive technologies aimed at ongoing improvements in energy efficiency, compactness, weight reduction and longevity. 

Ebara has already established facilities for the development and fabrication of the new pumps, which enables the manufacture of hydraulic parts for custom-made pumps within a short period using CAD data. 

The system links to TURBOdesign-1 in which the blade geometry is computed for a specified blade loading distribution and a performance prediction method by Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) code. 

Takashi ENOMOTO, General Manager at Ebaraís Fluid Dynamics Technologies Development Office added; 

Our new integrated system based on TURBOdesign-1 and the new fabrication system has enabled us to shorten the design time from a week to a few days, the fabrication period from 6 weeks to one week, and we have achieved marvellous reduction of the development time. The lead time of the custom pump development is now just two weeks.

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