News / ADT - TURBOdesign Suite User Group Meeting 2014 Announced

LONDON, UK and NEW YORK, NY, USA – August 27, 2014 – Advanced Design Technology (ADT), a global leader in the development of advanced turbomachinery design methods and the TURBOdesign Suite today announces the first TURBOdesign Suite User Group Meeting to be held on November 6th and 7th, 2014 in Central London, UK.

This November 2014 will mark the 15th anniversary from the first commercial release of TURBOdesign1, the first commercially available three-dimensional inverse design method for turbomachinery blade design and optimization. To mark the occasion ADT will hold a commemorative User Group Meeting on November 6th and 7th, 2014 at the Holiday Inn London Bloomsbury.

TURBOdesign Suite is the only commercial three-dimensional inverse design method applicable to a wide range of turbomachinery applications such as pumps, fans, compressors, turbines and torque converters and supporting axial, mixed-flow and centrifugal configurations. 

“The industrial need for improved turbomachinery performances with faster design cycles and lower production costs fits perfectly within the unique advantages of three-dimensional inverse design method,” says Mehrdad Zangeneh, Professor of Thermofluids at University College London (UCL) and founder and Managing Director of ADT. “We have come a long way since our first release of TURBOdesign1 and built a streamlined design, analysis and optimization workflow around the unique capabilities and advantages offered by the three-dimensional inverse design for all turbomachinery components.”

TURBOdesign Suite users will present how three-dimensional inverse design has helped them achieve higher performance with reduced costs and development time. Leading manufacturers of pumps, fans, turbochargers and refrigeration compressors from Japan, US and Europe have already confirmed their presentations.”

Along with user presentations the event will feature application specific design workshops for the design, analysis and optimization of turbomachinery components

Registrations for the event are now open for limited places, for more information please visit http://www.adtechnology.co.uk/ugm or call +44 (0)20 7299 1170

TURBOdesign Suite System Requirements, Availability and Pricing

TURBOdesign Suite 5.2.3 iS now available for download, the Suite runs on Windows systems. It operates on mid-range workstations with 2.4 GHz or better processors, 2 GB RAM and 1GB disk space. The TURBOdesign Suite is sold in modules starting from $15,000 USD with software training and technical support included.

About Advanced Design Technology

Advanced Design Technology (ADT) is a global leader in the development of advanced turbomachinery design methods, which helps not only to shorten development time but also to improve the performance of turbomachinery components. ADT’s aim is to put designers in direct control of the aerodynamic design and to shorten, considerably, the design time and time to market for a range of turbomachinery products. ADT’s clients, who represent some of the leading global players in the aerospace, automotive, power generation and marine fields, have achieved significant returns on investment in terms of reduction in design times, higher performance and ease of know-how transfer among different design teams and projects. For more information, call +44 (0) 20 7299 1170 or visit www.adtechnology.co.uk.