Playback Webinar on Optimum Blade Loading for Pumps

In this webinar, we demonstrated the optimum blade loading to control specific flow phenomena in pumps.

Video now available on-demand.



Innovative Solutions for Complex Problems

From evolutionary airbags to advanced turbopumps, engineers across the world use TURBOdesign Suite to create breakthrough turbomachinery designs.


ADT is headed to ASME Turbo Expo 2022!

We are attending the ASME Turbo Expo Conference from June 13 – 17, 2022. Are you going to be there? Send us a note, and we can make sure we get a chance to link up.

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Optimizing Engineering Workflows for Propulsion System Design with Ansys, Flownex, and TURBOdesign

This joint webinar with ADT & PADT, Inc. highlights the integration and acceleration of many engineering disciplines and tools, from mission and systems engineering to detailed design and analysis of rocket propulsion components, featuring technology from Ansys, ADT, and Flownex. Video available on-demand.


ADT is attending FAN 2022 Conference

FAN 2022 includes 3 days of technical presentations on June 27 – 29, 2022 (Fan applications & Systems, Fan Aerodynamics, Fan Noise), keynotes, an exhibition, social networking events and panel sessions. 

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Advanced Turbomachinery Design Software

TURBOdesign Suite is a unique turbomachinery design software package for all types of turbomachinery blades that helps you work faster and smarter.


Integrated Design Workflow for Hydrogen Compressor and Pump using TURBOdesign Suite and Ansys

Playback ADT & Ansys Webinar | Video now available on-demand

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Many major turbomachinery manufacturers are already creating unique components, dramatically cutting their design time and reducing costs.

Read through our library of technical papers and watch informative webinars.

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Our unique 3D Inverse Design technology enables multi-disciplinary design and optimization in industrial timescales.


Tool Kits From Concepts Design To Full 3D Stages


ADT's design toolkits offer a unique solution for fast and efficient turbomachinery design and optimization.


Find Your Applications

An Inverse Design method can be applied to all types of turbomachinery. Our clients have used it to develop breakthrough fans, pumps, compressors, turbines and torque converters in axial, mixed-flow and centrifugal configuration.

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See how TURBOdesign Suite can transform your way to design turbomachinery using our unique 3D Inverse Design method.


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