Key Features

  • TURBOdesign CAD allows the seamless integration of TURBOdesign Suite in exiting CAE design systems.
  • It features a CAD conversion module to convert existing geometries in formats suitable for the TURBOdesign Suite
  • TURBOdesign CAD brings direct design capabilities into the TURBOdesign Suite so that manufacturing and mechanical constraints can be better accommodated.

Enables Seamless Integration of TURBOdesign Suite in Existing CAE Design Systems

TURBOdesign CAD is a program developed to seamlessly integrate TURBOdesign Suite within an existing CAE environment. It provides the functionality to convert years of direct design know-how in a format which is compatible with TURBOdesign Suite, but also storable as general design guidelines based on aero/hydrodynamic principles, which are easier to transfer to new designers.

The schematic diagram below shows how TURBOdesign CAD can be implemented within an existing design environment in order to optimize existing designs with TURBOdesign Suite.


A CAD conversion module

This module, allows design engineers to bring their existing designs in IGES surface data, or XYZ coordinates, into a point data format which is native for the TURBOdesign Suite environment. The module allows automatic generation of all the required TURBOdesign1 and TURBOdesign2 data files, such as meridional shape (.mri), blade thickness (.th) and native point data geometry (.geo) files, from an existing surface IGES or XYZ coordinates file of the blade. It is then possible to start optimizing the blade with TURBOdesign1 and setup CFD analysis with TURBOdesign CFD in a few minutes.

A Direct Design module

Some manufacturing constraints may impose small modifications to the blades designed with TURBOdesign1 or TURBOdesign2.

The direct design capabilities of TURBOdesign CAD allow design engineers to modify with ease the blade angle, wrap angle and blade thickness of all spanwise sections of the blade at different streamwise locations. Such modifications can be done in a matter of minutes, without exiting the TURBOdesign Suite environment and maintaining the possibility to work in a file format which is native to TURBOdesign CFD for immediate evaluation of the designs.

Thickness Distribution Modification

Local modifications of blade thickness may be required during the design process, either to respect a manufacturing constraint or for structural purposes. TURBOdesign CAD allows fine adjustments of the blade thickness of all spanwise sections via control points distributed streamwise.

Constant Blade Angle Modification

A common way to reduce the development cost of turbomachines is to cover a subset of the product range with the same impeller. This requires trimming it to produce different characteristic curves (e.g. head vs. flow rate). For this operation to produce predictable results, a constant blade angle distribution is desirable. TURBOdesign CAD makes applying this modification a matter of seconds, with the advantage that the results can then be easily evaluated in TURBOdesign CFD.

Radial Filament Modification

High speed machines such as radial inflow turbines are notorious for the high stresses induced in the material. Controlling these stresses is often the main concern of the design engineer. The radial filament modification of TURBOdesign CAD assures that the most structurally problematic regions of the blade are radial to ensure low stresses, while keeping the aerodynamic 3D design of the region near the leading edge. In so doing, stresses are minimized and performance loss kept to a minimum.

Axial Filament Modification

The market for some turbomachines is so competitive that reducing costs becomes imperative. Radial fans are an example of such turbomachines, with many markets requiring blade geometries which can be produced using sheet metal or single moulding dies. The axial filament modification of TURBOdesign CAD ensures the blade is purely axial, thus able to be produced using simple, low-cost manufacturing processes.

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