News / Turbomachinery Design Optimization for Fuel Economy at SAE World Congress 2014

Discussion on turbomachinery design optimization to reduce automotive fuel consumption.

LONDON and NEW YORK – March 14, 2014 – Advanced Design Technology (ADT), a global leader in the development of advanced turbomachinery design methods and the TURBOdesign Suite, today announces that a paper entitled, "Application of 3D Inverse Design Based Multi-Objective Optimization to Axial Cooling Fan with Large Tip Gap" co-authored by Mehrdad Zangeneh, Ph.D, professor of thermofluids at University College London and founding director of Advanced Design Technology (ADT), is among those being presented at this year’s prestigious SAE 2014 World Congress. Design engineers and original equipment manufacturers, especially those desiring to meet and exceed state-of-the-art fuel economy levels can benefit by shortening development times and improving components efficiency and emissions using the three dimensional (3D) inverse design methodology being presented in the paper.

The aim of the paper is to show how to apply the 3D inverse design method, coupled with multi-objective/multi-point automatic optimization method, to design an axial fan featuring a large tip gap.

"Our paper shows the application of ADT’s TURBOdesign1 and TURBOdesign Optima to a very challenging automotive fan application that was very difficult to design with conventional methods," says Zangeneh. “This is but one application of our unique 3D inverse design approach for turbomachinery design optimization to improve system and components efficiency to reduce fuel consumption”

The paper, "Application of 3D Inverse Design Based Multi-Objective Optimization to Axial Cooling Fan with Large Tip Gap" will be presented Wednesday, April 9th at 1:20pm

According to conference organizers, the SAE 2014 World Congress assembles the best talent in the automotive industry; experts, management teams, engineers, and executives alike gather to collaborate and address these current challenges, celebrate evolution and achievement over the last 100+ years, and promote the multitude of opportunities fundamental for a successful future. SAE 2014 World Congress will take place April 8-10 in Detroit, MI, U.S.A. For more information, go to: https://www.sae.org/congress/

About Mehrdad Zangeneh
Mehrdad Zangeneh, Ph.D and professor of thermofluids at University College London, is founding director of Advanced Design Technology (ADT) and president of TURBOdesign Technology (TDT). For 26 years, Zangeneh has developed advanced turbomachinery design codes based on the 3D Inverse Design approach and automatic optimization to turbomachinery design. His research has resulted in important breakthroughs in turbomachinery and marine propulsor design, and he has been granted eight international patents. In 2000, Zangeneh was awarded the Japan’s Turbomachinery Society’s Gold Medal, and in 2003 he was awarded the Donald Julius Grone Prize by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers in the UK. For more information, go to: www.adtechnology.co.uk.

About the TURBOdesign Suite - System Requirements, Availability and Pricing
ADT’s TURBOdesign Suite is a unique aerodynamic and hydrodynamic 3D design software package that allows users to design, analyze and optimize all types of turbomachinery, such as axial, mixed-flow or centrifugal pumps, compressors, fans, turbines and torque converters. Using the software, designers evaluate turbomachinery package size and performance predictions; perform detailed 3D blade design with 3D inverse design capabilities; analyze flow information per component; stage performances with turbomachinery specific 3D computational fluid dynamics (CFD); and automate exploration of the design space with automatic optimization capabilities. Fast development of customized design is, therefore, made possible.

TURBOdesign Suite runs on Windows systems. It operates on mid-range workstations with 2.4 GHz or better processors, 2 GB RAM and 1GB disk space.

The TURBOdesign Suite is now shipping. It is sold in modules starting from $15,000 USD with software training and technical support included.

About Advanced Design Technology
Advanced Design Technology (ADT) is a global leader in the development of advanced turbomachinery design methods, which helps not only to shorten development time but also to improve the performance of turbomachinery components. ADT’s aim is to put designers in direct control of the aerodynamic design and to shorten, considerably, the design time and time to market for a range of turbomachinery products. ADT’s clients, who represent some of the leading global players in the aerospace, automotive, power generation and marine fields, have achieved significant returns on investment in terms of reduction in design times, higher performance and ease of know-how transfer among different design teams and projects. For more information, call +44 (0) 20 7299 1170 or visit www.adtechnology.co.uk.

About TURBOdesign Technology, Inc. 
Founded in 2011, TURBOdesign Technology, Inc. (TDT) is the U.S. affiliate of Advanced Design Technology (ADT), selling the TURBOdesign Suite of 3D inverse design and analysis software while providing turbomachinery engineering support services. TURBOdesign Technology is headquartered in New York, N.Y. For more information, call (347) 759-6103 or visit www.turbodesign-tech.com.