News / Commercial Release Of TURBOdesign-2 Announced

Advanced Design Technology the global leader in advanced turbomachinery design codes are pleased to announce the commercial release of TURBOdesign-2 Version 1.0.0

TURBOdesign-2 is an Aerodynamic design code for application to turbomachinery blades; the software is based on a 3D viscous transonic inverse design method. TURBOdesign-2 has been developed mainly for the design of turbomachinery components such as transonic fans where shock and boundary layer interaction effects are significant. 

International Consortium

TURBOdesign-2 was developed as part of an international consortium in which involved 6 major Aero-Engine and Gas Turbine manufacturers, which included The Avio Group of Italy, The Ebara Corporation of Japan, Kawasaki Heavy Industry, Rolls-Royce Aeroengines, Toshiba and Toyota Motor Corporation of Japan.

TURBOdesign-2 Overview

This efficient new method computes the blade geometry for a specified distribution of blade loading, which itself directly relates to the pressure distribution plus the blade thickness, which is normally specified as normal thickness. This method is not only robust in 3D applications but also it can ensure structural integrity of the design as normal thickness distribution is specified. TURBOdesign-2 allows designers to use their knowledge of flow physics to arrive directly at optimum blade loading, and consequently 3D geometry. As a result of the inverse nature of this code, design know-how obtained in any specific case will automatically become more universal since it is based on flow physics. Simple and effective design guidelines can be generated and followed by all designers. This mechanism renders the design process systematic, which in turn substantially increases the likelihood of breakthrough designs. These features of TURBOdesign-2 enable rapid design of complex blade geometries such as those found in civil and military aeroengine fans.

Advantages & Benefits TURBOdesign-2

? Full shock capturing capability and viscous model.

? Blade geometry and 3D viscous flow fields are the direct outputs.

? Easy to export the resulting geometry to major CAD, FEA and CFD.

? Rapid design cycle.

? Easy to generate database of design know-how.

TURBOdesign-2 Unique Design Process

? Mainly applicable to transonic axial fans and compressors.

? Rotating and stationary components.

? Two types of design specification:

Method 1 - The loading distribution or derivative of circumferentially averaged swirl velocity, as in TURBOdesign-1, is specified together with blade normal thickness.

Method 2 - The surface static pressure Loading, ?P (=P+ ñ P-) is specified together with the normal thickness.

? Possible to use both Analysis and Design Modes.

? Existing blade geometry can be read in and only certain parts of the blade are modified by changes to the loading distribution.

? Interactive modification of thickness, streamwise and spanwise loading distribution.

Please contact ADT for further information or request an online demonstration of this unique design code. - See more at: http://www.adtechnology.co.uk/news/commercial-release-of-turbodesign-2-a...