News / ADT announces Global TURBOdesign Symposium 2017

Advanced Design Technology (ADT), a global leader in advanced turbomachinery design software and services today announces its Global TURBOdesign Symposium to be held on November 6th and 7th, 2017 in Central London, UK.

IT is now 18 years since the initial release of TURBOdesign1, the first commercially available three-dimensional inverse design method for turbomachinery blade design and optimization. Following in the footsteps of its successful User Group Meeting a few years ago, ADT will mark the event by inviting its customers, partners and delegates interested in multi-objective/multi-disciplinary optimization of all turbomachinery applications to a symposium to be held at the Holiday Inn Bloomsbury, London.

“The onus of evolving regulation and the need for improved turbomachinery performances with faster design cycles and lower production costs fits perfectly within the unique advantages of the three-dimensional inverse design method,” says Mehrdad Zangeneh, Professor of Thermofluids at University College London (UCL) and founder and Managing Director of ADT. “TURBOdesign now offers users a streamlined design, analysis and optimization workflow that integrate seamlessly with common CAE environments, delivering the unique capabilities and advantages of three-dimensional inverse design to all turbomachinery components.”

The symposium will be a unique opportunity for TURBOdesign users to share their knowledge, experiences and learn about cutting-edge TURBOdesign technology from industry leaders in their field. All delegates attending will gain an in-depth understanding of TURBOdesign Suite's latest features and a product roadmap of future developments. The event will include presentations from leading designers and manufacturers of pumps, fans, turbocharger, chiller compressors and organic rankine cycles from Asia, Europe and the USA showing how TURBOdesign Suite has helped them achieve higher performance with reduced costs and development time. The event will also feature product updates detailing the latest functionality of the various TURBOdesign modules. Finally, a TURBOdesign open “clinic” will be held on the afternoon of the second day, allowing attendees to seek advice on their applications from ADT experts. These “clinic” sessions will be by appointment only, so early booking is advisable given the limited number of slots available.