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Advanced Design Technology is a global market leader in advanced inverse design software. Our technology optimizes performance, increases efficiency and reduces development time of turbomachinery components. 

Our unique TURBOdesign software is designed to empower designers with full control of aerodynamic design to revolutionize your turbomachinery components. The 3D inverse design process enables designers to have direct control of the flow field to avoid time-consuming and costly trial-error experiments. Designers can generate new shapes and ideas in a matter of minutes to rapidly achieve optimum performance.

Our clients represent some of the leading companies in the aerospace, automotive, power generation and marine fields have achieved significant returns on investment in terms of reduced design time, higher performance and ease of know-how transfer between different design teams and projects. The features of TURBOdesign create a competitive advantage for your business to maximize your technology performance.

ADT established in 1999 as a joint venture between University College London and The Ebara Research Co. Limited of Japan. Before the establishment of ADT, the joint venture parties were involved in a comprehensive R&D collaboration for 9 years with the application of the 3D Inverse Design Code TURBOdesign1 to Centrifugal Compressors, Pumps, and Axial Turbines.

We are a talented group of engineers and developers, many of whom are expert M.S. and pH. D. level engineers, who use our skills and industry experience to design or redesign a large number of turbomachinery components or whole machines.


ADT Milestones

  • November 2017: Release of TURBOdesign Suite 6.4
  • July 2017: Release of TURBOdesign Suite 6.3
  • November 2016: Release of TURBOdesign Suite 6.2 
  • May 2016: Release of TURBOdesign Suite 6.1
  • October 2015: Release of TURBOdesign Suite 6
  • March 2015: Release of TURBOdesign Suite 5.2.5
  • November 2014: ADT hosts their inaugural TURBOdesign Suite User Group Meeting
  • 2014: Release of TURBOdesign Suite 5.2.3
  • 2013: Release of TURBOdesign Volute - 2D Inverse Design for Turbomachinery volute
  • 2012: Release of TURBOdesign Optima - Platform for Automatic Optimization
  • 2011: Release of TURBOdesign Suite 5.0 including TURBOdesign Pre
  • 2009: Release of TURBOdesign Suite 3.1
  • May 2008: Release of TURBOdesign Suite 3.0
  • January 2007: IDoE Consortium jointly with Engineous (Simulia) on coupling of inverse design with DoE, RSM and MOGA
  • December 2005: Beta Release of TURBOdesign CFD for incompressible applications
  • October 2005: Commercial release of TURBOdesign-2
  • September 2004: ADT/Engineous Software of US agree to collaborate on improving the interface between TURBOdesign-1 and iSIGHT
  • September 2004: Release of version 2.2 of TURBOdesign1 allowing coupling of TURBOdesign1 with in-house or commercial automatic optimization codes such as iSIGHT
  • December 2003: Release of version 2.0 of TURBOdesign1 with major new features
  • September 2003: Partnership agreements with CD ADAPCO and IMPACT Technology of US
  • January 2003: Release of Beta version of TURBOdesign-2
  • January 2002: Establishment of the consortium on fan noise
  • April 2001: Establishment of consortium on TURBOdesign2- viscous transonic 3D inverse design method. Members include world leading Aero-Engine and Gas Turbine manufacturers
  • January 2001: Release of version 1.2 of TURBOdesign1
  • January 2000: Release of version 1.1 of TURBOdesign1
  • November 1999: Commercial release of version 1.0 of TURBOdesign-1
  • June 1999: Beta version of TURBOdesign-1 was demonstrated in ASME TURBO EXPO
  • November 1998: ADT was incorporated

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