ADT to exhibit at the IMechE International Fan Symposium

31 May 2008

Advanced Design Technology to exhibit at the IMechE International Symposium on Fans, London 6th November 2008

Ebm-papst utilizes TURBOdesign-1 in Optimal Fan Design

10 January 2007

Ebm-papst is one of the largest fan manufacturers in the world with a turnover exceeding 900M Euro. Recently they carried out an extensive benchmark of many different design methods available worldwide in order to make their design process faster and more efficient. As a result of this extensive evaluation they concluded that TURBOdesign1 by Advanced Design Technology Ltd provides the best solution.

ADT and Engineous Japan Inc Plan a Joint Consortium

08 January 2007

Advanced Design Technology Ltd (ADT) and Engineous Japan Inc (EJI) plan a multi-sponsor consortium on development of methodology for multi-objective/multi-point turbomachinery aerodynamics design

Commercial Release of TURBOcfd Announced

01 February 2006

The application of CFD codes in the turbomachinery blade design process, even if inverse design methods such as TURBOdesign-1 are employed, play an important role in highlighting loss mechanisms in presence of viscous effects. In addition they can be used to provide estimates of the overall design characteristic including efficiency and head variation with flow rates. Increasingly CFD codes are relied for qualitative assessment of noise in fans and cavitation in pumps. 

Application of TURBOdesign-1 in Ebara Corporation

01 January 2006

Manufacturing System of Hydraulic Parts using TURBOdesign-1 within the Ebara Corporation.

Kubota uses TURBOdesign-1 in design of Hydraulic Turbines

22 June 2005

Application of TURBOdesign-1 for the development of an in-line type hydraulic turbine for micro power generation.

Commercial Release Of TURBOdesign-2 Announced

12 February 2005

TURBOdesign-2 is an Aerodynamic design code for application to turbomachinery blades; the software is based on a 3D viscous transonic inverse design method. TURBOdesign-2 has been developed mainly for the design of turbomachinery components such as transonic fans where shock and boundary layer interaction effects are significant. 

Development News on TURBOdesign-2

10 January 2005

TURBOdesign-2 is a 3D viscous transonic inverse design code which was developed as part of a consortium sponsored by Rolls Royce, Fiat Avio, Kawasaki Heavy Industry, Toshiba, Toyota and Ebara Corporation. The code accounts for viscous effects and can capture shock waves. The code was developed in particular for applications such as transonic fans in which most of the pressure rise (at least near the tip) comes from the shockwave and shock capturing is essential.