News / ADT delivers Pump Design Optimization at 28th International Pump User Symposium

A smarter approach to design challenges for more efficient, innovative pump packages included in ADT 2012 Pump Initiative savings.

Houston, Texas and LONDON – August 08, 2012 – Advanced Design Technology (ADT), a global leader in the development of advanced turbomachinery design methods and the TURBOdesign Suite, will exhibit in Booth 140 at the 28th International Pump Users Symposium, September 24-27 in Houston, Texas. ADT will demonstrate how TURBOdesign Suite 5.2, provides faster pump design capabilities for wider operating ranges and customized solutions. Pump design engineers and original equipment manufacturers will benefit from the 3D inverse design technology in ADT’s TURBOdesign Suite.

According to conference organizers, the Texas A&M Turbomachinery Laboratory 28th International Pump Users Symposium in the Fall of each year to promote professional development, technology transfer, peer networking, and information exchange among pump industry professionals. This event is led by engineers with vast experience in the petrochemical, process, chemical, utility, contractor, and consulting fields, along with manufacturers of rotating equipment and fluid-handling equipment from around the world.

"Many pump OEM’s are facing commercial drivers to provide highly efficient products over a wide operating range or tailored to specific customer requirements,” said Professor Mehrdad Zangeneh, founder and managing director of ADT. “Our unique approach to pump design optimization provides innovative solutions while reducing development time and costs."

Where more conventional design methods heavily rely on computational power, making it very expensive to combine product innovation with customized solutions, ADT’s unique approach to pump design optimization eliminates bottlenecks to design innovation by providing a smarter and more productive approach to solve multiple pump design challenges.

Fast development of customized design is therefore made possible: “Our new integrated system based on TURBOdesign1 has enabled us to shorten the design time from a week to a few days” commented Dr. Takashi Enomoto – General Manager – Custom Pump Development Department – Ebara Corporation "The lead time of custom pump development is now just two weeks".

Pump manufacturers of all sizes and applications can now benefit from ADT’s TURBOdesign Suite with ADT 2012 Pump Initiative for design optimization of their pumps. “Exceptional efficiency, good suction performance and stable off-design performance were required for RS multistage ring section family of pumps, and TURBOdesign Suite delivered.” Commented Mark Post – CTO – Carver Pumps “Now we can pursue even more business that pushes the envelope, because we know we can consistently develop reliable hydraulic designs."

ADT’s 2012 Pump Design Initiative is a paid-back design program that provides customers with a comprehensive benchmark of TURBOdesign Suite capabilities for design, optimization and know-how development of innovative pump packages.

ADT’s engineers will be at Booth 140 to demonstrate how TURBOdesign Suite 5.2 can help all pump manufacturers to deliver breakthrough pump designs.

Visit ADT during the Texas A&M - 28th International Pump Users Symposium, contact us at +44 (0)20 7299 1170 or go to the company website to arrange a demonstration of unique 3D design and analysis codes.

About Advanced Design Technology
Advanced Design Technology (ADT) is a global leader in the development of advanced turbomachinery design methods, which help not only to shorten development time but also improve the performance of turbomachinery components. ADT’s aim is to put designers in direct control of the aerodynamic design and to shorten considerably the design time and time to market for a range of turbomachinery products. ADT’s clients, who represent some of the leading global players in the aerospace, automotive, power generation and marine fields, have achieved significant returns on investment in terms of reduction in design times, higher performance and ease of know-how transfer among different design teams and projects. For more information, call +44 (0) 20 7299 1170 or go to: www.adtechnology.co.uk.

About TURBOdesign Technology, Inc. 
Founded in 2011, TURBOdesign Technology, Inc. (TDT) is the exclusive U.S. distributor for the Advanced Design Technology (ADT) turbomachinery design software, TURBOdesign Suite. TURBOdesign Technology is headquartered in New York, N.Y. For more information, call 1-412-915-5185 or go to: www.turbodesign-tech.com.