Increasing Pulse Energy Recovery of Radial Turbocharger Turbines by 3D Inverse Design

This paper was first presented at the 2015 ASME Turbo Expo

Using 3D Inverse Design to Control Radial Turbine Peak Efficiency

This paper presents a methodology to control and move the radial turbine peak efficiency U/Cis to lower values by using a 3D Inverse Design method

The aim of this paper is to present a novel method which will help us design a turbine with better unsteady performance for a given engine exhaust pulse by using the 3D Inverse Design method. The turbine unsteady performance is predicted by unsteady CFD simulations.

In this paper you will:


  • Learn how to create an optimized backswept blade using using 3D Inverse Design
  • Understand the challenges of turbocharger turbines and how to work with them under pulsating flow conditions
  • How to achieve a compromise between good impeller efficiency and stress

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