A Compressible Three-Dimensional Design Method for Radial and Mixed-Flow Turbomachinery Blades

Discover the origin of our unique 3D Inverse Design method

An Introduction to 3D Inverse Design

There are two main approaches to the problem of aerodynamic design of turbomachinery blades, the direct and the inverse approach. In the direct approach the flow is computed for a given blade geometry while in the inverse approach the required flow distribution is specified and the corresponding blade geometry is computed.

This paper describes the origins of the 3D Inverse Design method, on which all our turbomachinery design is based. 

In this paper you'll discover:


  • The development of our 3D Inverse Design method
  • The difficulties of taking a traditional, direct design approach
  • How a fully 3D inverse design method was created to apply to radial and mixed flow turbomachinery

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