Optimization of a Pump as Turbine Runner using 3D Inverse Design Methodology

This paper looks at optimizing pump-turbine runners and in particular explores trade-offs

Exploring Trade-Offs in the Design of Pump-as-Turbine Runners

In this paper the performance of a pump-as-turbine runner for pumped storage hydroelectricity applications is analysed with specific focus on the trade-offs between the pump and the turbine working modes. 

This paper uses a 3D Inverse Design method to optimize a pump-as-turbine runner. A baseline design based on an existing runner is optimized by minimizing secondary flow and profile loss factors while keeping the same meridional profile, stacking characterists and work distribution in pump mode.

In this paper you will discover:


  • The trade-offs involved in the design of runners for pump-as-turbine applications
  • How TURBOdesign Optima was used to run multi-objective optimizations of the baseline runner design
  • How to use TURBOdesign Suite and CFD analysis to increase efficiency across the board

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