Multi-Objective Optimization of a High Specific Speed Centrifugal Volute Pump

Using a 3D Inverse Design method coupled with CFD simulations

Multi-Objective Optimization Strategies for Volute Pump Design

A fast design process that can meet many contrasting objectives for centrifugal pumps remains a challenge. In many cases the impeller has to achieve both high efficiency and good cavitation performance. Structural requirements and manufacturing limits also put constraints on the hydraulic designs. An efficient design system is desired to be able to explore a large design space while providing information on the trade-offs between multiple design objectives.

This paper presents three different multi-objective optimization strategies for a high specific speed centrifugal volute pump design.

The optimization framework uses a 3D inverse design tool TURBOdesign1 to generate the impeller geometries. TURBOdesign1 uses a 3D inviscid flow solver and can solve both compressible and incompressible flow.

In this paper you will:

  • Understand why a fast design process that meets the many contrasting objectives poses such a challenge
  • Learn about different optimization strategies to maximize efficiency and minimize cavitation
  • Discover how an inverse design method was used in the optimization and the significant benefits it was able to provide

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