Design of a Mixed-Flow Transonic Compressor for Active High-Lift System Using a 3D Inverse Design Methodology

Enhancing the Electrification of Aircraft 

Enhanced aircraft electrification is one of the main trends in the short-to-medium-term technology roadmaps in the aviation sector. The success of a progressively more electric aircraft has the potential to enable, and guide, the longer term goal of a medium-haul mild-hybrid and/or full electric aircraft. Enhanced aircraft electrification is currently the most promising trend to achieve and set the baselines for the step-change advancements necessary to curb local and global emissions as well as the noise caused by the substantial growth of air transport.

This paper presents the redesign of an electrically driven mixed flow transonic compressor by using a 3D Inverse Design methodology. The compressor will be used for an active high-lift system application that aims to delay the onset of stall and thus contributing to the reduction of both the aircraft noise footprint and the impact of aviation emission on local air quality.

In this paper:


  • How a fast and reliable 3D Inverse Design method plays an important role in developing aircraft electrification
  • Understand the stringent size and operational constraints of the compressor in a high-lift system
  • See the simplified design process and how an inverse design approach shortens the design time and allows for a much wider exploration of the design space

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