Parametric Design of a Waterjet Pump by Means of Inverse Design, CFD Calculations and Experimental Analyses

Optimum design guidelines to meet multiple objectives in a waterjet pump

The Parametric Design of a Waterjet Pump

In this paper, the design of a water-jet pump was carried out in a parametric way, where an inverse design method was used to parametrically describe the impeller and diffuser geometries, and CFD analyses were performed to analyze the hydrodynamic and suction performance of the different design configurations.

The use of a blade parameterization, based on inverse design, led to a major advantage in this study, because the three-dimensional blade shape is described by means of hydrodynamic parameters, such as blade loading, which has a direct impact on the hydrodynamic flow field.

In this paper you will:


  • Learn why waterjet pumps pose particularly challenging questions in the design phase
  • See how designers need to find compromise between hydrodynamic efficiency and pump suction performance
  • Discover the effect of five impeller design parameters on pump performance and which brought the biggest advantage

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