Multi-Objective Design of a Transonic Turbocharger Compressor with Reduced Noise and Increased Efficiency

We combined the in-house inverse design code TURBOdesign1 with a FW-H aeroacoustic solver to redesign a marine turbocharger compressor

Aeroacoustic and Aerodynamic Optimization of a Turbocharger Compressor

The most effective way to reduce the compressor noise is at the source, i.e. the compressor impeller itself must produce less aerodynamic noise rather than using any silencers. Here we present a redesign work for an existing impeller wheel using the 3D inverse method with an in-house aeroacoustic code

This paper on transonic turbocharger compressors looks at the most effective ways to reduce noise while also meeting traditional requirements such as good choke and stall margin, high boosting pressure ratio and high stage efficiency.

In this paper you will:

  • Learn about the challenges of reducing noise in compressors and possible solutions
  • See how using an Inverse Design method to design an impeller wheel performed compared to the baseline
  • Understand the mechanism behind the redesign's performance

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