Horizon 2020


ADT to Lead Blade Design and Optimization for ALPHEUS Project on Novel Hydro Energy Storage.

ADT's Role in the ALPHEUS Project

With a growing share of intermittent renewable energy sources grid stability can be maintained, and flexibility enhanced, by applying pumped hydropower energy storage. ALPHEUS will improve reversible pump/turbine (RPT) technology and adjacent civil structures needed to make pumped hydro storage economically viable in shallow seas and coastal environments with flat topography.

For our part of the ALPHEUS Project, ADT is responsible for the blade design and optimization of two low-head axial contra-rotating reversible pump-turbines. 

ALPHEUS kicked off in April 2020, and we're going to be posting regular updates throughout the process. You can always check back here and see the latest news below, or fill out the form on this page and we'll drop the updates straight into your inbox.

The ALPHEUS Project So Far:

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